I have been in the video game and animation industry since 2004.  Started my career as an intern to new hire at Laika Entertainment in Portland.  I work on the Henry Selick project Moongirl.  My time on this project told me that this industry is for me.  And where in the industry that I was able to fit into.
After Laika, I ended up working for a start-up company called American Animation Studios.  This start-up desired to create direct to DVD historical animations for children.  We managed to create two animations before the studio went belly up.  One was about Patrick Henry and the other about Paul Revere.  During this time, I was placed in a management position over 6 artist and rigging tasks.  This taught me valuable organizational skills and time management skills.  Knowing when to place pencils down is a valuable skill to learn.  With deadlines looming, somebody had to be the one to tell people to move onto the next shot.

Vizual F/X Studios was another start-up company that tried to create an mmo but ended creating a rail shooting game before shutting down.
Heavy Iron Studios and then EA Visceral Studios is where I came to really love the job.  I worked with great people from both studios. Shipped 6 games that I'm proud of.  Even proud of the unshipped projects.  During this time, I really developed my rigging, scripting and pipeline development skills.  I took a confident reign over the rigging\animation pipeline at Heavy Iron, while being the only rigger for 2yrs.  At Visceral, I took ownership of developing the cinematic pipeline.  I also work with Chad Vernon on the modular rigging and animation pipelines.
Fun facts, I was on the TV show Wipe Out.  I also go to Las Vegas once a year to play a bracelet event at the World Series of Poker.